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The Datamotion™ range of products complements the CyberMotion™ system with a tough, road-proven data networking backbone. The Groundswitch range is based on the versatile, rugged NS12P Groundswitch. Housed in a durable, roadproof 1U-high rackmount case, it provides 12 ports of Ethernet switching for the most demanding applications. The NS12PF Groundswitch features 2 addional 1Gb Fiber Optic ports. NS8P and NS8PF are both 8 port Power over Ethernet switches. The NS8PF comes with 2 additional 1 Gb fibre-optic Ethernet ports. The Datamotion NS6 Airswitch (PoE) provides additional data distribution capabilities in a compact, rugged housing designed specifically for mounting in truss.