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XLNT CyberMotion™ offers a complete range of motion products designed specifically for the entertainment industry.

SIL3 certified technology was used to create a unique series of intercompatible motion products for breathtaking shows and cost efficient global touring.

Motion control to go: The ultimate creative experience


XLNT CyberHoistII™  
Intelligent, variable speed chain hoists for world-wide touring and spectacular shows.
XLNT C-Hoist™ 
Intelligent, variable speed chain hoists for multi-purpose venues, permanent installation and theatres.
XLNT C-Winch™ Intelligent, high-speed winches for the ultra-fast lifting and movement of lightweight objects with 0.1 mm positioning. Road-ready for world-wide use.

XLNT C-Track™ and

XLNT C-Trolley™

Versatile wide beam monorail track system. Suitable for truss suspension and floor mounting. A wireless trolley system for spectacular 3D movement.
XLNT MotionCue3D™
The intuitive front-end operating console for intelligent, object oriented programming of complex 3D objects with 0.1 mm accuracy.
XLNT C-Power™ Solid-state power distribution in durable steel housing.
XLNT DataMotion™
Road-proof and reliable Ethernet data distribution to keep your equipment working under all circumstances.