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XLNT CyberMotion™ offers a complete range of motion products designed specifically for the entertainment industry.

SIL3 certified technology was used to create a unique series of intercompatible motion products for breathtaking shows and cost efficient global touring.

Motion control to go: The ultimate creative experience


XLNT CyberHoistII™  
Intelligent, variable speed chain hoists for world-wide touring and spectacular shows.
XLNT C-Hoist™ 
Intelligent, variable speed chain hoists for multi-purpose venues, permanent installation and theatres.
XLNT C-Winch™ Intelligent, high-speed winches for the ultra-fast lifting and movement of lightweight objects with 0.1 mm positioning. Road-ready for world-wide use.

XLNT C-Track™ and

XLNT C-Trolley™

Versatile wide beam monorail track system. Suitable for truss suspension and floor mounting. A wireless trolley system for spectacular 3D movement.
XLNT MotionCue3D™
The intuitive front-end operating console for intelligent, object oriented programming of complex 3D objects with 0.1 mm accuracy.
XLNT C-Power™ Solid-state power distribution in durable steel housing.
XLNT DataMotion™
Road-proof and reliable Ethernet data distribution to keep your equipment working under all circumstances.


MotionCue3D Systems

Dedicated CyberMotion™ control platform and operating consoles

MotionCue3D™ sets a new world standard as a software platform with dedicated operating consoles.

The unique system was specifically developed to meet the uncompromising needs of the leading professionals in live entertainment performance and concert touring.

CyberMotion Mechanics

XLNT CyberMotion™ is a product range designed specifically for the entertainment industry. The productline consists of a variety of intercompatible motion mechanics that will add movement and velocity to multi-purpose venues, permanent installations, theatres and concert tours.

All mechanics can be truss integrated to reduce load volumes and the the time needed for set-up and tear-down.

XLNT-CyberMotion™ products are SIL3 certified, competitively priced and multi-voltage for global use.


CyberMotion™ systems are complemented by our PowerMotion™ range of dedicated electrical distribution products. As our other products, designed with tough conditions in mind.
In PowerMotion™ XLNT Advanced Technologies has integrated its Class 4 Emergency Stop System, ensuring safe use under every condition.


The Datamotion™ range of products complements the CyberMotion™ system with a tough, road-proven data networking backbone. The Groundswitch range is based on the versatile, rugged NS12P Groundswitch. Housed in a durable, roadproof 1U-high rackmount case, it provides 12 ports of Ethernet switching for the most demanding applications. The NS12PF Groundswitch features 2 addional 1Gb Fiber Optic ports. NS8P and NS8PF are both 8 port Power over Ethernet switches. The NS8PF comes with 2 additional 1 Gb fibre-optic Ethernet ports. The Datamotion NS6 Airswitch (PoE) provides additional data distribution capabilities in a compact, rugged housing designed specifically for mounting in truss.

Cabling & Accessories

XLNT Advanced Technologies manufactures a wide range of dedicated accessories, adaptors, flightcases and cables to complete a ready to use CyberMotion™ production system. Every component is manufactured to the same proven, rugged and road-worthy demands that professional users expect from XLNT's CyberMotion™ products.